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My daughter has improved in so many ways after benefiting from Margo and the Hurdt U experience.  Her self-confidence, her mechanics, but most importantly her desire to be better on the mound.  Coach Margo has a great way of identifying with the female athlete and finding new ways to help them understand how to improve their game both physically and mentally.  The Hurdt U experience is a positive environment that allows young women to strive for excellence while still allowing themselves the normal ups/downs that come with the game.  It’s a great place to be where you can watch your daughter mature in her skills, on the field, and in her own skin.

Dina Selva

My experience working with Coach Margo was nothing less than phenomenal. Her coaching style challenged me to work harder each day in my pitching routines and workouts. From day one, Coach Margo truly cared about me as a person and my passion for softball. I would not have been a collegiate athlete at a D2 and D3 college without her guidance and coaching. HurdtU is nothing but the best.

Hannah Halepaski