Margo Hurdt, Dean at HurdtU

When you are just starting out playing this game, you are probably going to see something or hear something and say,

“Hey I really would like to run like that or wow, I really would like to hit the ball like that or pitch like that”.

The Process

Well the truth of the matter is, “Wanting something, really wanting something really bad is not going to be enough”. Having a goal is great, but having the process in place to achieve that goal is greater. You need to put in a process where you can generate those short term successes. It is those short term successes that will keep you motivated and keep you moving forward.

Let’s take hitting a Fast Pitch Softball. As I have stated earlier posts this is not a game where you can pick it up in 2 weeks. To be played well, this game requires skill and the ability to think on your feet. Hitting a 60 mph fastball with a upward trajectory is one of the most difficult skills in Fast Pitch Softball. It can be accomplished, but first you need a process in place to achieve that goal.

Now, let’s say that you are consistently hitting .240. You are getting a hit about every 4 at bats. This year; however, you want to raise your batting average 60 points and hit .300. That’s a great goal. A goal that will help your team and make your coach proud.

Now that you have your goal, I want you to forget it.

I know that is counter intuitive, but what I would like you to focus on now is the process you are going to put in place to achieve that goal. What routines are you going to put in place to build up your process.


Those routines might include hitting lessons every week.

Caution here, lessons are great but the work done outside your lessons will take you to the promise land.

Watching instructional videos, hitting off the tee, soft toss, live pitching are all necessary parts of improving your swing. Most Major Leaguers will take 1000 swings a day. Now I know that it is there job; nevertheless, that’s the routine that they have put in place to play consistently on on the highest level possible.

The point that I am trying to make here is wanting something is great; having a big goal is great; but having a process consisting of routines will get you where you want to go. That is why we are here at HurdtU. We want you to help you establish a routine, build a process that will help you achieve short term successes. It is those short term successes that will lead to your BIG GOAL. Remember “Invest To Be The Best”.