Three Food Tips For Game Day

When you have a million things to do and simply not enough time to get to it all, naturally you look for the most convenient and easily accessible options.When the kids have games, practices and tournaments, preparing food can become a job in and of itself, so what do you do for them? Stock them up on snacks? Send them to the concessio
n stand? Load them up on Gatorade? I know its not ideal, the scenario is definitely one of chaos and fast paced tasks, but there is still a way to navigate these circumstances without eating crap (and diminishing performance in the process).

So, here are three simple tips to keep in mind this season, to get the most out your food choices and keep your daughter’s performance optimized.

Tip 1- Look for actual food first:

If your best option is to find a grocery store nearby and grab s

ome water, fruit and nuts, it’s much better than settling for nachos or a cold hotdog. We need to fuel the body for performance, not just eat to satisfy a craving.

Tip 2- Don’t overdo it with Gatorade (or other sports drinks):

While they’re great for replenishing electrolytes, they also are intended to replace glycogen stores (essentially sugar..), so they will have a high sugar content. If you’re giving your athlete fruit and a Gatorade, that short term energy spike will be followed by an equally distinct “crash”. Water, fruit and nuts make a great snack…(instead of all sugar.)

Tip 3-When you can, pack your own food:

This may seem pretty obvious, but its simple enough to have no excuse to forget. If you have a small cooler with fresh food, you control the quality of what you’re feeding your athlete. Don’t always depend on the options that will be available to you in the last moment, when they need to eat quickly before the next game. (By then its too late, and you’re stuck with limited options.) Pack the day before, have fresh/whole foods on hand to toss into a backpack or cooler, (fruit: apples, oranges, banana, berries, etc. vegetables: carrots, celery, cucumber, etc.)

Don’t overcomplicate it, there’s already enough to worry about! Keep things simple yet still have a plan!

Evan Renfroe.


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