Margo, Dean At HurdtU

The Law of Focus

• What you focus on you find

• What you focus on grows

• What you focus on seems real

• What you focus on you ultimately become

When coaching young women I have found a trend when I ask them what they should do the next pitch. It always starts with I shouldn’t or I need to not, or I can’t. All of these responses start with a negative. Their focus is negative. This is having the mind focus on what not to do than on what to do. As we train young women to become better fast pitch softball players the way we approach a task or challenge with affect how your athletes reacts to training and overall outcome. We can better understand how focus can help our athletes reach those goals they make each seasons. There are four laws of focus.

The first law of focus is what you focus on you find

This comes in handy when you are teaching a new technique, drill or play. We want our athletes to find success and stay in a positive mind frame when practicing. We want our athletes to focus on the next step to the right direction rather than reminiscing in what didn’t happen or what we didn’t achieve the game or practice before. A good way to start a practice or lesson is with a goal. Now this goal is short term when it comes to practice and private lessons. It needs to be obtainable within the time frame and with the talent level you have on the field or in the cage at that practice. Once this goal is set, the team can start with a clear vision of how practice is going to go.

The second law of focus is what you focus on grows

When you are a part of a team those daily practice goals must turn into a long term goal. This must be defined at the beginning of the season by the team and coaching staff. For girls that are in private lessons, these goals are made usually quarterly by your instructor and athlete. We want to talk these long term goals and help them grown into success. Without goals being set at the beginning your team and or athlete will not have anything to focus on to make grow.

The third law of focus is what you focus on seems real

A lot of teams and individual athletes never think outside of the box and it hurts them reaching the fullest potential. What your team and or individual athlete will find is by staying positive with your focus and letting it grow you will make your dreams become reality. There are so many things that can happen for a team or individual when they are focused and determined. The hardest part about this third law is distractions. As a coach or a parent, this is where you play the most important role. You can’t want it more than your team or athlete but you can help them stay on track. Distractions can come from all different avenues. It can come failure, communication errors between teammates and coaches, stresses from outside of softball, injuries and etc. If this does become an issue, the team and coaches or individual and coach need to take a step back and go back to the original main goal and refocus.

The final law of focus is what you focus on you ultimately become

This is a combination of focusing on the ultimate goal with belief you can do it and hard work to support the belief. That is when athletes become better. That is when teams win championships. A person does not acquire this type of focus overnight. It takes time to develop and grown this type of focus. There are times where the focus is so easy and you think why I would ever do anything else. Then there are days where the focus can’t even be found and giving up seems like a more realistic resolution. For every hard day you get through there are so many more easy days. The big goals you want to accomplish takes all of these laws of focus and you can do it. To help you along the way, make sure stay positive in your training. Make sure you have a clear and precise goal setting meeting with your team or individual player so they understand what to focus on. As you work towards your goal it will become more realistic and close enough to touch. Just make sure you stay focus on that goal and don’t let distractions get in the way of your team or your individual athlete’s success. And at the end of the road, when all the hard work is done you will become what you focused on for so long because you committed to it and worked hard for it. And that’s the best feeling in the world.

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