Ten Questions To Ask Your Daughter Who Is Playing Fast Pitch Softball

Margo, Dean At HurdtU

Ten Questions To Ask

There are so many fast pitch softball parents that are disconnected from what their daughter really wants out of fast pitch softball. Is it a social thing for her? Does she really want to play in college? It’s important for the parent and the player to be on the same page when it comes to playing a sport so the expectations meet on both sides. There is nothing worse than having different expectations between a fast pitch softball parent and player. Here are some questions you should ask your fast pitch softball player:

1. Do you like playing softball?

2. How much time do you want to contribute in a week to softball?

3. Do you see yourself playing in college?

4. Do you like your coaches?

5. Do you like your teammates?

6. Do you think you are progressing and becoming a better player?

7. Does softball make you a better person?

8. When you don’t have practice or games, do you miss playing?

9. Do you think you are working as hard as you can when you are at practice and playing games?

10. Is it worth your time to continue?

Communication Is Key

As fast pitch softball mom and dad, asking these questions and actually listening to the responses will help you determine if softball is just a recreational past time for your daughter or it is something she would like to take to the next level. Defining this question is crucial to your daughter’s happiness. As a whole, parents want the best for their daughters but sometimes their own wants and needs take over. The worst thing you can do as parents is drive your kids to fill our void. At the end of the day, you will become more frustrated as a parent and your child will be unhappy and eventually quit the game.

Sometimes when we ask our daughters these questions, they give us the answer we want to hear and that’s ok but we have to continue to ask. Your child’s actions will reflect how they really feel. So continue to ask the questions. You will know before asking a lot of these questions by the effort you see on the field. It’s important for the child’s development into a young lady to express her feelings into words and tell you exactly how she feels. Not only does it give her control of what she wants but it opens the communication lines between your daughter and you. This is also a pathway to talk about other hard topics that might arise in the future.

Its’ Just A Game

The sport of fast pitch softball is hard enough. You want your daughter to want to be there, so start asking the questions. Make sure she wants to play as bad as she says she does. If she does,  give her all the opportunities and support you can.

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