Start Using “I Don’t” When Working On Getting Better At Fast Pitch Softball

Margo, Dean at HurdtU

Ok, you have done a good job of first setting your goal and mapping out the process on how you plan to become a better Fast Pitch softball player. There is one thing that keeps slipping in the back of your mind that troubles you, “How am I going to stick to this plan. I always start out strong, but eventually I fall off course”.

That’s a really good question. A question that I have struggled with. How do you change a behavior, especially when it means changing something that you have been doing or not doing for a long time? That is a hard nut to crack.

You want to create a new habit and now you are having to say “No” to yourself. Let’s take for instance working out. In my earlier blogs, one of the action items I listed was never miss a workout. You can adjust the workout, but never miss a workout. You know that you need to pitch today or take at least 100 swings but your are tired and want to take the day off and it is hard to tell yourself “No”.

Here is a suggestion, stop saying No or Can’t miss a workout and change it to “ I Don’t miss a workout.

There was some research done on this topic and the results were astonishing. Two groups were given a simple temptation. One group was told when they face that temptation they were to say “ I can’t do that”. The second group was told when they face that temptation to say “I don’t do that”. In Group 1, 61% of the participates gave into the temptation. In Group 2 only 36% of the participates gave into the temptation.


In the same research, they had three groups adding a control group. Each individual in the group came up with their one goal.

The “control group” that had no avoidance strategy at all stuck to their goal 30% of the time.

The “I can’t” group stuck to their goal only 16% of the time.

The “I don’t” group stuck to their goal 80% of the time.

The research points out that “I don’t” group was a better temptation avoidance strategy than all the others. “I don’t” sounds like a wall and comes from down deep inside you. It is part of you and it helps you create a great mindset as you work through your process.

That is what we are all about here at HurdtU.We want you to help you establish a routine, build a process that will help you achieve short term successes. It is those short term successes that will lead to your BIG GOAL. If you like this blog, please let us know with your comments below. Also visit and subscribe with us at HurdtU TV. Remember “Invest To Be The Best”.