There Are No Shortcuts In Fast Pitch Softball

There is no magic pill or shortcut to be good or great in anything. This is especially true in Fast Pitch Softball or for that matter any sport. Yes, there are people that have natural athletic abilities. Take Bo Jackson for instance. He was probably one of the most talented athletes that ever played either football or baseball. (It is too bad he sustained an injury that cut his professional sports career short). Nevertheless, he would be the first to tell you, he had to continue to work on his skills to get where he was. He realized like many professional athletes that there is always someone out there working and getting better. That is why having a process in place to help you continue to improve is so important. It is that process that is going to lead to little successes, install confidence in yourself and help you perform on the field.

So have you ever been in a situation where you have to perform in front of a large crowd and all of a sudden you have a huge rush of anxiety and and fear swell up in you? I know that I have. Well let me let you in on a little secret, that anxiety that you are feeling or the lack of confidence that you have is coming from one place, A Lack Of Preparation. That overwhelming feeling is a horrible feeling. I know, “been there done that”.

The Good News Here

But the good news here is that now that you know this you can start preparing yourself better for the next game or season. Again, you have to have your day to day process in place to allow you to do whatever you seek and do it well. Now I know in this time of Instant Gratification this might be a tough pill to shallow. (This is not the magic pill you are looking for). But it is the only way and a great way to not only to grow as an athlete but also as a person. The more that you work on your skill set,whether that be pitching, hitting, catching or fielding you will get better and better and better.

Being Prepared For The Big Game

In doing so you build confidence and when you step on the field you are ready to go. Now I am not saying that you might still be a bit nervous before the big game. What I am saying is that nervousness won’t be coming from lack of preparedness. That nervousness will come from the anticipation of doing well in the game that you love. You have put the time in, improved your skills and now have the confidence to excel in the game.

This is the fourth posting on Goal Setting and Motivation. If you have any questions, please go to the HurdtU Front Office and post your question. I will be more than happy to answer or address any issue that you might have. Remember, INVEST TO BE THE BEST.

Margo, Dean at HurdtU