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We are holding a camp in the San Antonio Area for softball athletes ranging from ages: 8-12 years old. We are offering this exclusive chance to be trained by Margo Hurdt Ostarticki and staff for four hours starting at 9:00A to 12:00P on Saturday, April 13th. We only have openings for 20 athletes so please register as soon as possible. Spots are going fast.  We will be covering the following skill sets: Hitting, Throwing, Catching and Fielding.

HittingMost Important Part of your Game
Tee Work
Hand Speed Drills
Adding Power to your Swing
Front Toss
One on One Training
Throwing#1 thing you do every single time you play.
Proper Form
Wrist Snaps
Using Your Legs for Power
Building Up Strength
FieldingDefense Wins Ball Games
Foot Work
Lateral Drills
Covering More of the Field
Overall Mindset as a Fielder

Camp Registration

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  • Price: $50.00 Quantity:

Meet Margo Hurdt Ostarticki

My name is Margo Hurdt and I love the game of Fastpitch Softball. I have played softball since I was 8 year olds. Growing up, everyone finds their niche and mine was softball. I excelled at a young age in little league and continued to excel in select and high school ball. The highlight of my high school career was playing in the Texas State Softball Championships in Austin, Texas. We didn’t win state, but the experience was priceless.

The reality for me was, I loved to play but I had to work at my game. My dad, who is 99% the reason for the success I had, was my motivator and accountability partner.  From a young age my father instilled in my sisters and myself that if you wanted something, you had to work for it. So that’s what I did. I pitched, fielded and hit constantly. There were plenty of private lessons, speed and agility training and select teams. All of these tools combined molded me into a hardworking, hungry to win softball athlete.

As I got older and started looking for universities to play at, my training, goals and focus were all driven by softball. I had the opportunity to play at Texas A&M Corpus Christi where I was recruited as a pitcher and a hitter. Throughout the four years at TAMUCC I learned so much about myself as a player, student, teammate and woman. The memories I made with my teammates at TAMUCC were unforgettable. I found my best friend, a great mentor and received not only my bachelors in marketing but was given an internship with the athletic department and a scholarship for the MBA program.

Softball has opened so many doors for me. I have traveled to Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, and a few other states for softball. I was able to receive two college degrees for free. I made unforgettable, everlasting relationships with teammates, coaches and opponents. And because of my great experience with the sport, I am able to share my love and knowledge of the game with your daughter. “Investing To Be The Best” is not just a tag line here at HurdtU, it is a way of life.

  • Make Your Daughter Better as an Athlete

  • Teach Her the How and Why of the Game

  • Teach Her How to Believe in Herself