HurdtU Hitting And Pitching    Video Analysis

“Investing To Be The Best”

There is nothing more important for the continued improvement in your Fastpitch Softball game than getting feedback on your mechanics. Whether you are pitching, hitting, catching, or fielding getting feedback, especially video feedback is essential to improving your game. For being a member of HurdtU Nation, you are entitled to two separate video analysis’ a year, one every six months. The goal here is to get you an unbiased and straight forward analysis of your mechanics in order to improve your performance as a Fastpitch Softball player. The only item you will need is a phone or tablet that has the Coach’s Eye App on it. Coach’s Eye is an excellent tool, a tool that HurdtU has been using the last 6 years. Coach’s Eye will allow us to critique your mechanics and make suggestions for improvement in your mechanics. At HurdtU Nation, this is another tool to help you become the best Fastpitch Softball player you can be.