Fuel For The Demand

One very important rule for nutrition (especially for athletes), is to fuel for the demands. Its very easy to overestimate the amount of food we need for some activities, so understand

ing some basic “guidelines” can help to make the process easier.

Instead of taking the complex and tedious route of calculating down to the exact macronutrient ratio, we’ll just follow some basic principles.

Step 1:

Understand the “type” of activity/demand: Are you working out (resistance training), at practice, working on conditioning (cardio), or simply working technique? These have different energy expenditure levels, meaning they should be “fueled” accordingly. The technique and skill specific work, is much more precise, maybe repe

titive, but not incredibly exerting, so that type of work requires less “fuel”. When working out (weight/resistance training) the demands (physically) are much higher and should be accounted for with food intake.

Food Solution*

Eat some slow digesting carbs for longer duration activity (games, tournaments)

Eat fast digesting carbs for more fast past, short duration activity.

Step 2:

Don’t forget water! Hydration (for multiple reasons, many performance related) is absolutely vital. Waiting until you feel “thirsty” is already too late. Adequate hydration should begin days before (1-2 days prior), to ensure hydration levels are optimal and fluid loss isn’t impacting performance.

Water Solution*

A few basic rules of hydration & activity:

Consume .5-1 (2-4 cups) liter of water during activity  / .5-1 liter after activity /.25-.5 (1-2 cups) with each meal.

With these simple tips and guidelines, you’ll be able to fuel for the upcoming demands, appropriately providing the fuel and energy your body needs to be at your best!

Evan Renfroe.   Maximizedself.com


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