Fastpitch Softball Players Never Slump

By: Margo, Dean at HurdtU

You have had a bad game. You did not hit well, made a few errors or had trouble hitting your spots and gave up walks and hits while pitching. If you play this game long enough it is going to happen. When it does happen, the worst thing that you can do is slump your shoulders, have your head down with your chin in your chest. If you present yourself as defeated, people will react to your posture as losing.

The fact that you are going to have a bad performance in a game is a given. Your reaction to that game is paramount in recovering and getting ready to play the next game. Circumstances change and so can you. So the first thing that you need to address is to stand tall, head up and chin out. In doing so, you are telling yourself and the people around you that you accept the circumstances and that you are ready to move forward.

Stand Tall, Head-up and Chin Out

You are taking the chaos that was created by the bad game and putting it in a more productive order. That’s the great thing about playing Fastpitch Softball, there are a bunch of games and you cannot dwell on what happen in just one. If you do, you will have difficulty recovering or delay recovery and your progress as a softball player will be delayed.

Standing tall, head-up and chin out after a bad outing will increase the probability of good things happening in the future. You will be emboldened to continue to work on your game and get better at those skills that need to be improved.

Parents and Coaches Take Notice

A special note to parents and coaches with young players: If your daughter or player had a bad outing the worst thing you can do is pile on especially if the player already feels bad about her performance. The best thing you can say to that player is “Hey, we will continue to work and now I want you to stand tall, lift your head up and get your chin out”. Remember, there is another game right around the corner.

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