Fast Pitch Softball- How To Create A Successful Process To Improve Your Skills

Margo-Dean At HurdtU

As I stated in earlier blogs, “The Process” is what it is all about. Remember, you want to forget about the goal and focus on what it is going to take to get there. Here are the first five steps to take to create “Your Process To Improve Your Skills And be Successful In Fast Pitch Softball”

Set Your Goal, this is the easy part. That goal might be to hit .300 or increase the speed of your fastball 5 mph. Now comes the hard part, developing the process to achieve that goal.

2. Chose a reasonably promising routine. In other words let’s say you are wanting to learn to
pitch. Go get on Google and start researching what plans are out there. Find one that best
fits you and your current situation. Get Mom or Dad involved and put together a plan or
process to help you get started pitching. Research the possibility of getting a pitching
instructor or if one is not available, you can go to online courses such as HurdtU.

3. Don’t be afraid to customize that plan. A good process tells you precisely what you need to
accomplish at every step of the way. Setting a clear target for each day’s effort
gives you feedback. Either way, you did what you planned to do (that’s good) and if you
did not (that’s not good).

4. Be flexible in your scheduling. Look at your process and determine what changes you need
to make to your current daily routine so you can reliably work the process. Here is the sad
news, you might have to give up the time you spend on Facebook or watching Gossip Girls.
If you do not make the changes, you will not be successful.

5. Have a daily plan. This is real simple, map out a daily plan to help you work through the
process. This would include doing drills, running, possibly lifting weights (if you are over 13
years old) and consistently practicing the skill you want to improve. Be it pitching, hitting,
fielding or catching. Also after you have been going through your plan for awhile, don’t be afraid to
check it out to make sure it is working.

That is what we are all about here at HurdtU.We want you to help you establish a routine, build a process that will help you achieve short term successes. It is those short term successes that will lead to your BIG GOAL. If you like this blog, please let us know with your comments below. Also visit and subscribe with  us at HurdtU TV. Remember “Invest To Be The Best”.