Expectations Vs. Reality

It’s Just So Frustrating

There are times when parents are very frustrated with the progression  their child is making in lessons or in games. The parent can recite exactly what the instructor is going to tell their daughter when their daughter makes a mistake in the lesson. The parent shows this frustration on their face in the game.  Then comments come out like “I cannot believe you don’t know how to do this yet or come on it’s not that hard”.  Little do they know their frustration is projecting on their daughter and now the pressure of not only correcting their mistake but pleasing their parent is swirling in their head each game, each practice and each lesson.


Reality Check

Here is the reality for all parents out there frustrated with the progression of their child.  You must ask yourself The following questions:

  • Has your daughter been given ample amount of time to make the necessary corrections to meet your expectations as her parent?
  • Have you as a parent worked with her as much as she needs to make the necessary strides as an athlete?
  • Have you asked her what she is struggling with or what she doesn’t understand so you can better understand where the struggle is originating?
  • Is there a difference between her wanting to get better and not trying or her just not putting in the time needed to become a better athlete?
  • Is your daughter athletically inclined enough naturally to meet your expectation?
  • Is your daughter doing the necessary training outside of her sport to increase her athletic ability?

Going through all of these questions might be hard and you might not know the answer just yet but it is a good start to understand where your daughters at and where you are at as a parent.

What Is Reality Vs. Your Expectations

The hardest part about being a parent is your expectations for your daughter and the reality that your daughter gives you every single time she plays. I have trained all different types of athletes. Some of them are incredibly athletic but don’t have the mental stability to compete at the highest level. Some girls are very focused and mentally driven in their support but lack athletic ability. Then there are the unicorns that can handle both the mental and physical side of support and become the most successful players on the field.

It’s A Journey

Where ever your daughter lives in the spectrum of athleticism and mental strength, you as a parent need to help her along the way. We never get to choose when they get it. As a parent, coach and supportive family and friends we do get to choose to be consistent with our positive approach towards their game and continuously encourage them each practice, game and lesson. Keep in mind, its’ a journey.  If you are having a difficult time determining where your daughters abilities or limitations are, the best thing to do is get a unbiased opinion. That opinion can be her coach or her instructors. They will be able to tell you where she is excelling and where she needs to work. Every single girl on every single team can contribute in one way or another

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