Congratulations on wanting to get recruited and play fastpitch on the collegiate level.

Quick story… When I started to get recruited, I did not have a clue on what I was to do, say or have for these college coaches. Fortunately for us we hooked up with Greg Smith of College Promoters USA. Through their efforts, of filming, organizing and advocating on my behalf, I got recruited. I want you to have the same experience, so welcome to the HurdtU Mini-Course on College Recruiting.



Course Information

HurdtU Mini-Course-College Recruiting

  • Value Bomb-1 Lifetime access to 10 instructional videos on recruiting by the President of College Promoters USA, Greg Smith . ($279.00 Value)
  • Value Bomb-2 Ten Training Tips to Transform Your Softball Game  ($29.99 Value)
  • Value Bomb-3 21 Day Training Guide to guide you in developing new skill levels ($39.00 Value)
  • Value Bomb-4 A personal visit with Greg Smith, President of College Promoters USA

The HurdtU Mini-Course on College Recruiting has over $300.00 worth of  Value-Added Bombs.


HurdtU Mini-Course-College Recruiting