Whether you are going to hitting, pitching, fielding or catching lessons, you are spending your hard earned money and time. What is the best way to capitalize on the time and money you are spending? Here are some ways to make sure your lessons are making an impact:

  1. Pay Attention Parents: Your daughter is only going to retain 10% of the lesson. So you need to help her with the rest. She is trying to not only listen to the instructor but to remember what she is supposed to be doing. It is important you know too so you can work with her and repeat the same things the instructor is going over. Using the same terminology is helpful when working outside of lessons.
  2. Ask for Homework: Usually we aren’t asking for more work but here is when you are going to make your bucks count. After each lesson, you as a parent, need to ask the instructor what your child needs to work on during the week before the next lesson. Having a plan on the 6 days you are off from your trainer or instructor will not only help you keep your daughter focused but you aren’t having to make things up to work on. The instructor has given you the work out for the week. So go do it! I can always tell when my athletes have or have not worked over the week between lessons. Make sure you are being assigned homework and doing the homework.
  3. Film the Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A ton of kids say they feel it where they are making the physical mistake but in reality they don’t. Your child needs to know when she does it right and when she does it wrong so she can look back and understand why it was right or wrong and how to fix or prevent the error next time. We all have smart phones now, USE THEM!
  4. Let the Coach Coach: What this means is, you are paying for someone to train your daughter. Do not be a burden or a distraction during the lesson. If you knew better you wouldn’t be paying someone to train your daughter. So wait till a water break or after the lesson to ask questions or comments. Make sure you stay positive during the lessons with your questions or comments in front of your child. If you are frustrated with your daughter, think about how to word it without being degrading or harsh so she can focus on the rest of the lesson.
  5. Be consistent: Go to lessons consistently. Its so hard for an athlete to gain any ground as an individual if there are huge gaps in training. If you can only go twice a month, get more homework from your trainer, film more and send it to them for input and keep communicating with them. You will see your daughter grow more as an athlete if you stick to a schedule for their lessons. This will make those dollar bills easier to spend when you see your daughter grow with skill and confidence.


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