Recognizing unhealthy habits is the first step in creating positive change. Here are 13 things Strong Female Athletes  don’t do:

1. They Don’t Compare Themselves With Other People

Whether you’re looking at a college game, or you’re hearing your teammate talk about her latest game winning hit, comparing yourself with others is tempting. But every minute you

spend comparing your life with someone else’s life is 60 seconds you aren’t focusing on your goals.

2. They Don’t Insist on Perfection

If you are striving for perfection, you are going to have a problem. Perfection has a cruel, ironic twist; it will cause you to experience such high levels of stress that your performance will actually become impaired. Have high expectations for yourself, but don’t set the bar impossibly high. In doing so, you are setting yourself up for failure.

3. They Don’t See Vulnerability As a Weakness

Your game face definitely serves a purpose—it shows people you’re serious. But asking for help, acknowledging your weakness
es, and admitting you don’t have all the answers aren’t signs of weakness.

4. They Don’t Let Self-Doubt Stop Them From Reaching Their Goals

Your brain will try to convince you that you’re not good enough, capable enough, or smart enough. But don’t believe everything you think. Your brain will underestimate you. Keep your focus and “Power Through The Self Doubt”.

5. They Don’t Overthink Everything

Rehashing the same things over and over again and worrying about everything that could go wrong wastes precious time and mental energy. And it will take a toll on your psychological well-being. Commit to addressing where you need to improve. You cannot get a missed strike back, nor can you get back a missed played ball. Move on and continue to work on your skills.

6. They Don’t Shy Away From Tough Challenges

Getting better at an athletic skill can be uncomfortable and a tough challenge. Face your fears one small step at a time. Break down where you are struggling and work on that aspect of the game. When that task is completed, work on another skill that needs to be improved. Its’ during this process that will start gaining confidence in yourself.

7. They Don’t Fear Breaking the Rules

From a young age, many girls are taught the importance of being polite and well-mannered. Softball is a competitive game. Play hard and be competitive on the field. It will not only serve you well now, it will also serve you well latter on in life.

8. They Don’t Put Others Down to Lift Themselves Up

Strong athletes do not point out someone else’s flaws. Its’ a waste of time and does nothing to get you closer to your goal. Be a cheerleader, those athletes are the ones who really succeed in life.

9. They Don’t Allow Others to Limit Their Potential

Whether someone told you that you will never hit the ball effectively or you will never be a good pitcher can limit your potential if you let them. Build belief in yourself, and you won’t let criticism or rejection stop you.

10. They Don’t Blame Themselves When Bad Things Happen

While it’s important to accept personal responsibility when you make a mistake, toxic self-blame does more harm than good. Saying “I made a bad play” is much more productive than thinking “I am a bad softball player.” If you play long enough, errors will occur, you will strike out, you will give up a homerun. As what was stated earlier, you can’t get that play back, learn from it and move on.

11. They Don’t Fear Owning Their Success

Strong athletes own their success. You don’t want to come across as  arrogant. However, if you did well practice giving a simple “Thank you,” and own your achievements.


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