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One of the former top slappers in the country,  Hannah Schwarz Narvaez is our guest slapping coach. Hannah was an All-American Blinn JC, All Conference at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and played on the Canadian National Team. Hannah will show you the same drills that she used to develop her slapping skills. So if you want to…

  • Learn how to slap
  • Improve your slapping skills
  • Increase your on-base percentage
  • Become an offensive catalyst for your team
Check Out HurdtU’s Master Class On Slapping

Do you want to become a Fast Pitch Softball Pitcher or wanting to improve your overall pitching skills. The “HurdtU Short Course and Master Class onFast Pitch Softball Pitching is exactly what you have been looking for. If you…

  • Want to learn to pitch with the right mechanics and fundamentals
  • Throw more strikes
  • Increase the movement and speed of your pitches
  • Learn to hit your spots
  • Become a pitcher, not just a thrower

If you are wanting to have a spot in the line-up, learning to be an effective fast pitch hitter is essential. Welcome to the “HurdtU Short Course and Master Class on Hitting”. If you want to…

  • Learn to effectively and consistently hit the ball
  • Hit with power
  • Stop hitting pop-ups
  • Create a positive mindset as a hitter
  • Cut down on the number of strike-outs

Greg Smith, president of College Promoters USA, goes over all the important aspects of getting recruited to play Fast Pitch Softball on the collegiate level. If you are interested seeing…

  • A recruiting roadmap
  • If camps or showcases are important
  • Playing select ball is worth it
  • How to communicate with college coaches
  • The importance of seeing the “Big Picture”
Check Out HurdtU’s Mini Course On College Recruiting

I played select ball for Margo for four years, and I can easily say that she taught me more than just how to be a great player. Not only did she turn me and my below average playing skills into a collegiate athlete, but she also became a mentor and great friend.  Her positivity and passion for the game is contagious and makes every lesson, practice, and tournament MORE than worth it. Margo is by far the best coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing for and any athlete would be more than lucky to have the chance to play for her.

Morgan Henderson




HurdtU Nation is combination of videos hitting softball training from all different angles. We have information on lifting, speed and agility training, equipment, recruiting, new and exciting events coming up and insight from some of the best trainers and players out there.



The front office is for the parents. There is a good chance that you will have some questions that you would like answered concerning your softball journey and we want to give you the opportunity to have those questions answered here at the HurdtU Front Office. This section will cover all questions and topics on how to handle your daughter, team situations, coaches, other parents and striking a balance between softball and the rest of your life. We want to make sure we are not only making great softball players, but also great young woman.



HurdtU Gear is a must have when you are wanting to  Invest To Be The Best. At HurdtU Gear we only place products, like fast pitch training equipment, fast pitch apparel, or training books or manuals that I have personally evaluated. If it has the Research and Development stamp approval you will find it on HurdtU Gear. Check out  HurdtU’s product evaluations on HurdtU or HurdtU Fast Pitch Softball Television.



I am the father of three fast pitch softball players. All three played on teams that went to state. One played on a Texas State championship team and the other played collegiately for four years. As a family we invested a lot of time and money in fast pitch softball and we wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. The experiences and friends we gained over the years have been and continue to be irreplaceable .

Both my wife and I played sports in high school and even though it was memorable, in our minds there was nothing more enjoyable than watching our kids develop a skill set and excel in this game. You are probably no different from us. You also want to see your kids excel in fast pitch softball too, or you would not be here reading this. However, like anything else worth while, there is a cost of playing fast pitch softball  in both time and money.

You probably have already experienced some of those costs in travel ball, lodging, food, training equipment and private lessons. You are also probably also looking for ways to help to minimize the cost, supplement your daughter’s training, or have a resource that you can go to where you can go to learn the drills to help your daughter improve. Whatever the case HurdtU Fastpitch Softball is the answer you are looking for.

Let’s say your daughter wants to pitch. You are going to spend between $250.00 to $350.00 a month on private lessons. Through HurdtU Fast Pitch Softball you can get access to the most up to date pitching lessons, hitting lessons and fielding lessons for 8U to 10U. Fast Pitch Softball lessons you yourself can implement for $59.99. For a lifetime access it is a forth of the cost for a month’s worth of private lessons.

HurdtU isn’t a short term solution site. As your daughter improves her skill set, you will want to have access to the more advanced drills, HurdtU has in its’ 12U-14U course curriculum or the High School course curriculum .  We want you, as a parent to invest in your daughter so her skills in Fast Pitch Softball will grow and last as long as she wants to play. HurdtU is a tool to make your life as a parent easier in helping you help your daughter reach her goals.

  • Easy to Follow Instructional Videos On Fast Pitch Slapping for Ages 8-18

  • Comprehensive Fastpitch Softball Coaching Curriculum

  • Instructional videos covering all topics of Fast Pitch Softball Slapping.



What makes a great athlete? Hard work, support and the determination to be better. Hi, my name is Margo Hurdt and I am the Dean at HurdtU. I have been involved with Fast Pitch Softball for over 22 years and when I stopped playing I immediately started coaching. I love this sport and it has always been my passion and now it is my mission to bring this passion to you. That is why HurdtU was founded.

We want you to be able to work on your game however fast or slow you want. We also want you to have the latest news and updates from the Fast Pitch Softball world at your finger tips. With the combination of the three HurdtU Course Curriculums and HurdtU Nation, we are ready for you to take the next step in Investing To Be The BEST! HurdtU was founded for the Fast Pitch Softball Athlete who is always striving to improve and be the best they can be.